Inomad for web developement 


Inomad is Swiss-Algerian company, that provide web developement outsourcing services, with our swiss management, combined with the best Algerian talents and a comfortable coworking space are today between you’re hands, define you’re objectives and let us hire and manage for you.

Welcome To inomad

The best outsourcing way in Switzerland

you can save money to the future of your company, our developers are capable to promise you a brilliant future for youR business witH the best price.

our developers speak french and english fluently, they have a coworking space in SWITZERLAND and ALGERIA. THE TIME ZONE ARE IDENTICAL AND PERFECTLY FIT FOR AN EFFICIENT COLLABORATION. the work with our developers feels like you were in the same office.

We assure you the confidentiality of your projects, and the respect of intellectual properties by our developers. transparency and confidentiality are our currency.



Inomad is the first outsourcing company between Switzerland and Algeria, we provide our services in web developement, by choosing a developer which matches with partner preferences.

We are doing our best to make Web developement easier as possible, with Inomad all you have to do is to explain your business needs.



We make sure you are satisfied

After more than ten years experience in web developement, we know how to satisfies our clients and Swiss quality is garanteed by our Swiss management.

developers selection  

We make sure we choose the best Algerian web developers.

coworking space

The coworking space makes team work easier.
Knowledge sharing, capitalization is our culture.

Our Team Managers

Technical Project Manager
Architect Java/ Big Data

Tamim Chaouki BENGUETTAT
Business Manager


Riad Gacem
Head Switzerland Account

Fares Bouachach
Customer Support Outsourcing


Our contact service will be happy to answer you’re questions, and to explain our services.

You can call us at : 

Phone N° : +(41) 21 559-9300

Or send us a message.


Our hapiness is your satisfaction


intellectual Nomads

Minds without limits…


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